a new experience every day


growing together?

growin is not an app ... it is a new experience every day!
every time you come in growin your children will grow up with you: will grow up their possibilities, their hopes, their dreams and your expectations, your confidence and your tranquility ...
growin is growing!

growin is the unique solution to observe how your children grow up with personalized tip&advices, discovering the next measure and enjoying prevention and healthy living


Write the measurements of your children and observe their growth
growin offers medical charts and shows the percentiles in a family and didactic way


Find out what will be the next step in the growth of your children
growin offers a mathematical prediction of growth and helps to prevent from obesity


Enjoy personalized tips&advices and share them with your family and friends! br> growin offers a new tip&advice for each new measure and helps with healthy living habits

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every time you come in growin you will ...

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